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Our mission at AdBlock is to create a worry-free and distraction-free internet for everyone. That’s why we developed our extension to block pop-ups, annoying ads, and other distractions across the web. AdBlock helps you to browse the web faster, safer, and with more control over your internet experience.

AdBlock is also free of charge to users, as we believe that everyone should have access to a better internet experience. That’s why many users choose to contribute to our efforts. If you believe in what we do and want to help us on our journey, you can do so now. Together, we can make the internet a better place for everyone!

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What's new?

At AdBlock, our goal is making your internet browsing experience better. Here’s a list of recent updates we think you’ll love:

Better ad blocking

As websites implement new ways to prevent AdBlock from blocking intrusive ads, we continue to update our extension to stay ahead of them. We’ve worked to improve our ad blocking ability so you can continue to browse the web ad-free.

AdBlock for Safari update

Coming soon! With the upcoming update to AdBlock for Safari, we’ll be better able to block those annoying YouTube ads that play right before your video. You can also now hide the AdBlock VPN dock icon if you’d like.

Improved infrastructure

We’ve made a lot of back-end improvements that increase the functionality and longevity of the extension. This makes it so everyone can always use AdBlock, even as the internet changes.

Fewer anti-adblock walls (Premium)

We’ve officially launched a new Premium feature called Anti-adblock Pass! With Anti-adblock Pass, you’ll see fewer pop-ups asking you to turn off your ad blocker to access content. For more about this feature, check out our blog post.

Hide cookie warnings (Premium)

Coming soon! With this feature, you’ll be able to hide those pesky cookie consent pop-ups that inform you about cookie usage when you visit a site.

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