The Honor System

Hi from the AdBlock team. We hope you enjoy using AdBlock!

AdBlock is honor-ware, which means that we trust each other to be nice:

  • You pay what you can afford for AdBlock. We let you choose the price.
  • We'll send you a thank you note for paying.
  • You get a refund - and you can keep AdBlock - if you don't love it.

AdBlock has five full time developers that depend on your contributions and support. We're trusting you a lot, but we think it's the decent thing to do.

Please pay as much as you can, since if you change your mind you have 60 days to get a refund! Are we naïve for trusting you to pay? I guess we'll find out :)

Name a fair price (in USD):

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Ads that don't stink

AdBlock now participates in the Acceptable Ads Program and has partnered with the EFF in support of the new "Do Not Track" standard. These are both great starts towards compensating great websites for producing quality content in ways that don't degrade your web browsing experience or violate your privacy.

Want to block all ads?

You can easily disable Acceptable Ads and see no ads whatsoever, regardless of whether you donate to support AdBlock.

We also welcome your feedback about how we can do the best job making your web experience enjoyable and secure, without punishing good websites for their hard work.

Annoying ads will now be blocked

We'd like to encourage websites to use straightforward, unobtrusive advertising. That's why we've established strict guidelines to identify acceptable ads, which are shown under default settings. If you still want to block every ad you can disable this in a few seconds.