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Katie and me

The Honor System

Hi, I'm Michael, the creator of AdBlock! That's me and my wife Katie in the picture.

AdBlock is "honor-ware", which means that we trust each other to be nice:

  • You pay what you can afford for AdBlock. I let you choose the price.
  • I'll send you a thank you note for paying -- and more, if you pay more.
  • You get a refund - and you can keep AdBlock - if you don't love it.
  • Ten percent of your payment goes to charity.

I quit my job to work on AdBlock, so we're trusting you a lot, but we think it's the decent thing to do.

Please pay as much as you can, since if you change your mind you have 60 days to get a refund!
Are Katie and I naïve for trusting you to pay? I guess we'll find out :)

What do you think?

Did you get a chance to see how AdBlock works? I hope you think it's great! :) If you need more time to try it out, I can wait another hour and ask you then.

Remember, AdBlock is "honor-ware". You don't have to pay, but Katie and I ask that you pay what you can afford, with no enforcement except the honor system. We're trusting you. In fact, I quit my job to work on AdBlock, so we're trusting you a lot.

Slide the slider to whatever amount you choose. Please pay as much as you can!

Slide the slider to the right to see how I'll thank you.
How I'll thank you: I'll send you a thank-you note from the bottom of my heart ... and a haiku ... about whatever you want ... and a drawing of an giant octopus lasering ads with its eye lasers ... and TWO, count 'em, TWO limericks about whatever you want ... and I'll give you an email account @chromeadblock.com ... and I'll physically mail you a super-fancy framed certificate inducting you into the Guardians of AdBlock, no kidding .

Pay with:

Try out AdBlock for a while

OK, I'll come back once you've had a chance to look around!

You might try these sites to see how lovely they look without ads:

Try pausing AdBlock from the toolbar menu and reload a page to see it with and without ads.