Your AdBlock has been updated! (version 3.34.0)

We've been hard at work improving AdBlock over the last few months. Recent releases have included a slew of new features and improvements. We've highlighted a few of them below, but first a quick note to our sponsors:

AdBlock is free, user-supported software. This release and everything else we do wouldn't be possible without you. Please donate what you think is a fair price for not seeing annoying, intrusive ads on every website you visit. Every donation helps!

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What's new?

Here is an overview of just a few of the new features we've introduced in the last few versions of AdBlock. Even more changes are coming soon!

  • Reduced CPU usage by more than 50%. We made significant improvements to AdBlock performance by changing how we block network requests and hide ads on some pages.

  • Dark mode. We've rolled out dark mode to let you customize the look and feel of AdBlock. You can find it on the AdBlock options page.

  • Branding updates. AdBlock has a new look! We redesigned our logo, product menus, and options pages to give them a more modern look and feel.

  • We doubled the size of our customer support team. Our goal is to respond to any customer feedback within one business day, so we added additional resources to get back to AdBlock users quickly. Please reach out!

We also took some time this year to build something fun — AdBlock's first game! Please give it a try here!