Your AdBlock has been updated! (version 3.35.0)

We've been hard at work improving AdBlock over the last few months. Recent releases have included a slew of new features and improvements. We've highlighted a few of them below, but first a quick note to our sponsors:

AdBlock is free, user-supported software. This release and everything else we do wouldn't be possible without you. Please donate what you think is a fair price for not seeing annoying, intrusive ads on every website you visit. Every donation helps!

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What's new?

Here is an overview of just a few of the new features we've introduced in the last few versions of AdBlock. Even more changes are coming soon!

  • Advanced ad blocking. We've further improved our ability to block and hide ads on sites that use aggressive ad technology to get around AdBlock.

  • Easier customer support. We've made it simple to get help for common problems within AdBlock. Our completely redesigned "Troubleshoot an ad" now walks you through steps to easily handle unblocked ads.

  • Better accessibility. AdBlock's pop-up menu is now entirely accessible by using keyboard commands, which makes it easier on people that rely on keyboards or screen readers.

  • Options page overhaul and Twitch ad hiding. We redesigned our options page to make it easier to find what you're looking for. We also added new settings such as the option to hide ads in Twitch.

We also redesigned the $opentag1$AdBlock website$closetag1$ and created pages to inform our users about how AdBlock can $opentag2$block pop-ups$closetag2$, $opentag3$stop malware$closetag3$, and $opentag4$remove YouTube ads$closetag4$. Need more help? Visit our $opentag$Help Center$closetag$ for fixes for commonly reported problems. Please reach out!

Stay tuned for future updates, and thank you for $opentag$supporting AdBlock$closetag$!