We're excited to give you a sneak peek into what we have been working on: AdBlock for Windows Desktop. A simple application to block ads and protect your privacy no matter where you go online!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the AdBlock extension and AdBlock Desktop? arrow_forward_ios

AdBlock is a browser extension that blocks ads and trackers in your web browser. AdBlock Desktop is a more powerful tool to block ads and trackers in all of your browsers and applications.

During the first phases of development, the AdBlock Desktop app will only block trackers used on many websites use to track your online behavior. Our plan is to expand the functionality of this app to block and hide ads in all browsers and in other apps you use on your computer.

What can I expect by signing up for early access to the app? arrow_forward_ios

As an early adopter you'll be able to use and provide feedback on the Desktop app. Your feedback will be instrumental in helping us create a product that works for you and all of our users, and we really appreciate the feedback! We'll email you as soon as it's ready!

What if I want to uninstall or remove the app/leave the early access group? arrow_forward_ios

You can uninstall the app like any other app on your computer. We just ask that you email us and let us know that you did and why you uninstalled the app.

What are the system requirements for AdBlock Desktop? arrow_forward_ios

For now, the Desktop App will only work on Windows 10 machines.