Below is a list of people who have contributed more than money to AdBlock.

They've given their time and their skills, and occasionally have skipped sleep or a meal to work on AdBlock, to make sure that it continues running smoothly for you, to add the most awesome new features, to allow people all over the world to use it in their native language, to help those who were confused about it, and much, much more.

AdBlock would not have been possible without them.
Thank you so much to every contributor, past and present!

AdBlock Team

Matt Maier
President of AdBlock

Brent Montrose
Extension Developer

Stephen Coward
Web Developer

Rachel Weissman-Hohler
Extension Developer

Kelli Novotny
Design Director

Thomas Danner
Web Developer

Michael Joseph
Product Manager

Laura Barluzzi
Software Developer

Zack Ewing
Product Designer

Christina Burns
Director of Support

Iain Shigeoka

Alya Othman
Quality Assurance

Kari Gaukler
Support Specialist

Past Contributors

Michael Gundlach
Creator of AdBlock

  1. Alyson Asami
  2. Cielo dela Cruz
  3. Famlam
  4. Glenn Stovall
  5. Kieran Peckett
  6. Michael Baker
  7. Paolo Anchoriz
  8. Steven Valladolid
  9. Tony Sodano
  1. Charles Cary
  2. Dave Ripoll
  3. Gene Lee
  4. Jérémy Keusters
  5. Matthew Krisiloff
  6. Nathan Long
  7. Tomáš Taro
  8. Gabriel Cubbage
  9. Antoine Boegler
  10. Rhana Cassidy